Conditional Sentences

What would you do if you won the lottery? We use “conditional sentences” when we want to say what happens if certain conditions are fulfilled. In this video you can understand how Zero, First, Second, Third and Mixed conditional sentences work. Se preferite una spiegazione in lingua italiana, la trovate…

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Future Tenses

Ci sono molti modi per esprimere il futuro in inglese: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Going to, Will, Present Perfect, Present Continuous. Se sai già come si formano questi tempi, ma non hai ben chiaro quando utilizzarli, questo video e questo schema sono per te! Il Futuro – schema riassuntivo PRESENT…

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Should – Must – Have to

Should, Must and Have to are modal verbs, and they are used to give advice, express obligation/prohibition and necessity. What do I have to do during Covid-19 lockdown? What do we have to do? Watch to find out! And you? What do you have to do these days? Should, Must…

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Can Can’t

Can is a modal verb. It can be used to talk about ability, possibility and permission. This video is intended for Italian lower secondary school children (aged 10-12), but it is suitable for anyone approaching English. CEFR A1 A2.

Can è un verbo modale e mi serve per parlare di abilità, possibilità, permesso. Questo video è rivolto ad alunni di una classe I della scuola secondaria di I grado, ma è adatto a chiunque sia alle prime armi con l’apprendimento della lingua inglese. QCER A1 A2.

Comparatives and Superlatives

This awful lockdown we are all experiencing due to COVID-19 has brought me back to this website. Having to teach my students online because schools are closed led me to learn how to use Google Classroom and finally… YouTube!

This video is for Italian Students, A2 CEFR.

I’m grateful to Simon for suggesting me how to teach this topic.

Gerunds and Infinitives (-ing or to?)

Shall I say “I put off seeing Bob?” or “I put off to see Bob?”  These guidelines work well if your level of English is roughly B1/B2 (intermediate) and you are studying for an exam such as the FCE (Cambridge First Certificate). When we put two verbs together, the second…

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Grammar Books

A dreaded word for many! Anyway….. For those of you who wish to do “traditional” grammar exercises, I would recommend the Cambridge English Grammar in Use series. (for elementary learners – but I would suggest this for anyone who would like to review the basics) (for intermediate learners –…

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